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Welcome to TNA-DA!
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Here's some recent stuff I did, as well as stuff done for me by others (posted with their permission, of course).

Random Favourites

Here's some other stuff that I like, from all over DA!

Random from Favourites

I really liked this piece. That's why it's a Favorite!

Random from GraphicBrat

Favorite work from one of my favorite artists, :icongraphicbrat:. He has really good ideas, not to mention his character Fumie :D

Random from Innocenttazlet

Favorite work from :iconinnocenttazzlet:'s page. A lot of her stuff looks really really good :)

Random from ShoNuff44

Favorite work from :iconshonuff44:. His stuff is just fun to look at, plus I draw his Hula-Girl character every now and then :)

Random from LordCoyote

Favorite work from :iconlordcoyote:, someone I've watched pretty much the entire time I've been here. I really like what he does :)


I like the pose, and the linework appears to be getting better. There are varying line depths: thicker for outlines, and thinner ones t...

Natural Disaster (Commission for Valtrix) by yuukipink

First of all, the character looks adorable, and has a nice design and colors. They look pretty good, for the most part... and the green...

Alright, here is what I think of it. Right off the bat, I really like the linework. It's well-done, and it's pretty detailed. The littl...

Alright, let's see if I can do this. This is a good piece, and you asked for critique, so here it is. I'm gonna try :) First of the anat...

-Elisa Masters- by Dualmask

It's been a while since I wrote a critique for something, so let's see how this one goes. The anatomy is great. I'm not familiar with t...

It's been a while since I commented on one of your drawings, but I have been checking you out, and I do like what I'm seeing. About thi...


One-Character Sketch Commission!
Want a single-character sketch? Then COME ON DOWN!

Details for Sketch Commissions: MD's Commission/Art Trade Journal! (OPEN!)
One-Character Color Drawing Commissions!
Here are examples for Single-Character Color Drawings!

If you want one, here are details: MD's Commission/Art Trade Journal! (OPEN!)


MDFive-Art has started a donation pool!
7,959 / 15,201
I need points to:
- Commission artists that take points
- Pay for a sub longer than a month

Every little bit helps, and I might pick out someone from whoever donates and draw a little something for them :)

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    Anonymous Deviant
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    Donated Mar 22, 2013, 7:41:55 PM


Valerie Valentine's Patreon Promo Pasties!
Valerie (and her girls) are here to advertise my Patreon page, and it's at:


It's only $5/week, so it's a paltry pittance per potential Patron per month. I make ONE "paid" post per week, and I'm pretty much going by number of Wednesdays in any given month becaue I do procrastinate on these sometimes ;)

Unlike most folks on Patreon, I do not "paywall up" anything (well, I only do it for that stuff that's, like, super-NSFW... basically anything that shows "naughty bits", and even then that's not often)... but I do want to provide SOME incentive for shelling out a small amount to help me out. Basically, anything I post as "paid" will be posted everywhere else a few days afterwards, so that means you get to see it FIRST before anyone else!

What counts as "paid" posts on this person's Patreon? Well...
- Drawings based around certain theme (i.e. sexy costumes, cosplay, other stuff)
- Sketches for drawings/other stuff I usually do not post, let alone scan
- Comics (if/when I get to them), that'll be about things... and stuff. I GOT IDEAS, DAMMIT!

Also, if I get enough Patrons (say about five or so), I can offer more/better rewards, rewards such as:

- Free drawing for a Patron I pick at the end of the month.

...I guess that's pretty much it for right now. I know it's not much, but again, every little bit helps :)
Here's a tip for a lot of you out there: Blocking someone without giving that someone a chance to explain themselves is kinda a dick move.

I know that some will go "Yeah, but they don't have to give a reason why", but here's how I feel about it. Sometimes it helps the blockee to know what went wrong from the blocker's point of view, so that the blockee can try and fix what's wrong, so they don't repeat what the did with others later on.

Instead, it's far too easy to block and shut people out instead of giving them a chance these days. I should know, both as a blocker AND a blockee.

I mean, I'm not really mad at those that have blocked me, I'm sure they had their reasons. But whatever those reasons were, I was at fault for them, so I do need to work on fixing those faults. It's taking longer than it should, but the fact remains.
One of these days I'm gonna draw #Tinkerbell wearing a GPS bracelet. People might go, "What did Tink do now?"


MDFive-Art's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I've been drawing for a long time. I'm not the best, but that's why there's always practice! :)

You want me to draw for you? COME ON DOWN! But check out my Art Status, listed on my Commission/Art Trade Journal, linked below.

Please be appreciative of anything that I draw for you, or next time you get NOTHING.

Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke
If it's a good enough idea, I'll do it, or if it involves certain characters or mine *coughValeriecough*, I'll CERTAINLY do it! HOWEVER, if you watch me, are ACTIVE on the site in general, support artists by commissioning/trading with/featuring them (i.e. DaCommissioner), or you're just pretty fuckin' awesome (i.e. reiq, ShoNuff44), you're first in line for a request.

Also, check out my Art Request Lottery!

Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
If I'm not busy with other things (or other stuff that's owed), I can trade with you, or I'll ask you for a trade. But two things:

- I INSIST I do my end first, and
- I don't work as fast as I used to, so my half WILL take some time.

I'll trade with just about anyone, however there will be some that don't take them at all, or have certain... rules for trades.

Commissions - Open by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
I take points and good ol' cash money! :thumbsup:

For more details, see my Commission/Art Trade Journal.

Gifts - Open by SweetDuke
I'll draw your character or idea for FREE! No questions asked!

If I like your and/or your character, I'll draw it for you when I have the time. I don't do it to "kiss ass", "buy friends", or all that other noise; I do it because I like to draw for people. Also, it's nice to surprise people with gifts every now and then. If people have rules for their characters, though, I'll respect them.

Kiribans - Open by SweetDuke
Currently at 475,000! Send me a screenshot with that number, and I will draw you something (within reason). Oh, and NO CHEATERS. If I find that you cheated, you get NOTHING.

Regardless of how much is on my to-do list, I WILL draw something for :iconagawar: due to how fuckin' awesome they made Bee look: to MDetector5 by agawaR

Let's Talk About Use Of Characters...

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2015, 1:28 PM
  • Mood: Neutral

I draw other people's characters all the time, usually as part of a commission or art trade, and occasionally as requests and gifts. Whenever I do, I tell people where they're from (example: This is a commission/art trade/request/gift for so-and-so's character, Character McInsertnamehere).

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I was watched by a guy named :icongoshayarkovanimation: recently, and his stuff is... well, he's a fairly young kid. He draws other people's characters, too...

...buuuuut there's a problem: When he does it he's not crediting the original artists those characters belong to. There's nothing wrong with that, we forget to do thatb sometimes, right? Well, the situation with this guy is that people are piling on this kid saying things like "Take down the stolen characters!!!11!!" and "OMG ART THEFT GET THIS GUY BANNED!!11!!" and so on.

Here's what I'm seeing in all this.

I don't think he's "stealing characters" or "stealing art"... what I see here is a young kid drawing characters that he likes, but isn't giving (or forgetting to give) proper credit as to who these characters belong to. Also it seems that English is not his first language.

Piling on this guy screaming "character/art theft!!!1!!" isn't helping the situation nor accomplishing anything. At least that's what I'm seeing from a LOT of the comments on this guy's profile and gallery.

One of the only other guys trying to inject some common sense into all this, :iconfusion-bioformer:, is being seen as some sort of so-called "white knight". I know I haven't seen that term used in this situation (not yet, anyway), but c'mon... has it gotten so bad that people trying to use common sense are being seen as "white knights"?

I mean, this Gosha kid is 15, and stuff like this might ruin any reputation he's trying to establish, and whatever reputation he does have right now is not a good one. He's not really doing anything wrong; the only "crime" is simply not giving artists credit. There's, like, one or two actual instances of art theft in his gallery, but I don't see what's wrong with the guy. He's just a young kid that likes characters enough to draw them that I feel has been unfairly targeted.

Now to get away from that thing and to talk about you and your characters, as far as usage in trades/commissions/gifts/other projects are concerned. What rules do you have for other people drawing them? What do you allow, what do you not allow? I want to hear from YOU!


Sep 2, 2015
7:09 am
Sep 2, 2015
4:17 am
Sep 2, 2015
2:51 am
Sep 2, 2015
1:47 am
Sep 2, 2015
1:43 am

So, do you take free requests? 

21 deviants said Maybe... it depends on certain things ;)
18 deviants said Yeah! :D I don't mind! :heart:
18 deviants said Hell no. Someone ruined them for everyone else/I'm too busy/I'm more of an art trade or commission guy :(


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